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NYR is just a blessing to me, my family, my heart, our earth...I just can't find any reason not to support this company.
After spending probably years in totality simply researching and making my own products for my yoga studio, this company found me and I have been in love ever since.
Thankfully I can share this business and their products with a clear conscience and happy heart to all of my clients, my friends and my family. One blue bottle at a time we can make a HUGE positive impact in this world and have BEAUTIFUL skin and healthy bodies in doing so. <3

About me: I grew up on a farm in North Dakota. My first love is the earth. Next is the sky. Then, nutrition.
I'm a Registered Dietitian by trade and love sleuthing through companies, supplements, products etc to find their dirty secrets or products that stand out for quality and ethics to help my clients make educated decisions. I also love supporting sustainable agriculture. These interests are near and dear to my business mission and why I support NYR.
Aside from my business, I love the outdoors, my family and my community.
Paddle boarding and walking are my favorite activities and I do not spend any time beyond necessary shopping unless it's in a a grocery store. ;)
If you are looking for a GREAT place to begin in supporting good, kind, ethical and BEAUTIFYING products, NYR is your starting and ending point.


Twitter: T_O_Wellness

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