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My goal is to be a positive force for a healthier world. As I grow older (I'm now 67), I'm pleased to announce that I'm proud of every new grey hair and wrinkle that develops. Aging is a part of life, and the marketing hype in our culture promoting youth is my pet peeve. Let's all be comfortable in the skin we're in, and promote health before some stereotypical standard of "beauty..." I'm so excited by NYR's new "Age Well Revolution" - the winds of change are blowing.

Our world is waking up to the realization that we have a big problem, and it's not going away on its own. I'm glad the "green" movement is in our faces every day now, but it's so easy to become overwhelmed, desensitized, and complacent. The answer lies in each of us taking action and doing what we can with our own bodies, in our own homes, in our own small ways.

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