Sherrylee Dickinson

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I was looking for a Rose Water source -- I love the fragrance and the store that I had been purchasing from closed. Whilst doing a city tour I met Nanette Ginise who happened to be selling the NYR Organic Rose Water. The blue bottle is beautiful and I collect blue glass and the fact that it was Rose water was so coincidental. Then I discovered that it is made in the UK -- WOW! My mom was British so I understood immediately that NYR Organic is a company I'd like to be associated with. The word Organic is very strictly monitored there and I knew about the Soil Certification board so there was no question about wanting to be a consultant and be a part of educating people about these wonderful products.

My regimen: I wash with Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash and tone with of course, the Rose Water. Then I apply Orange Flower Facial Oil (2 drops) and finish with a small amount of Wild Rose Beauty Balm. I do this morning and night I am forever in love. Thank you NYR Organic for changing my life!


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