Robin Lemon

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Hi there! I am Robin Lemon, Licensed Esthetician, I treat the skin to maintain and improve its appearance, but my focus is on the wellness of the whole body.

I believe that nourishing both the body and mind with safe products and using relaxing techniques, the skin can become glowing and youthful looking without the use of aggressive treatments or harsh ingredients.

I am also an ingredient detective and scent snob. I read the labels of everything I consume or apply to my body and do my best to avoid any ingredients that have the potential to harm.

I seek out ingredients and foods that protect and nourish. I love nature and what it has to offer. I have weaned my body from artificial fragrance and can no longer tolerate it.

I am very passionate about sharing what I learn about skincare ingredients, essential oil usage, and wellness information.

Finding NYR Organic has been a HUGE gift all wrapped up and given to me! I am so grateful that this opportunity, the products and amazing company to work with came into my life.

It's a PERFECT match for me! As a holistic skin therapist, it hasn't been easy finding products that align with my mission.

The business and product training in NYR Organic is so interesting that I wait in anticipation to learn more.

I am so excited to share these organic and safe personal care items with everyone!

All views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the independent consultant and do not reflect the views or opinions of NYR Organic or Neal's Yard Remedies.