Lisa McDonald

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The photo is me with owners Barnabas & Anabel Kindersley. They are down to earth, brilliant people.

WHY did you join NYR Organic?
I had a friend tell me about NYR & the business opportunity. I trusted her. That was 2009! I believe in NYR's unparalleled ethics & our fabulous products. I call them Beauty with Benefits. I love that they have aromatherapy tied into the science behind their effectiveness.

What you enjoy most about being a leader with NYR Organic?
I love it when people around me succeed. I love helping them experience that success. The leader team is a whole lot of fun, intelligent women. I like being around them.

What are your goals with your NYR Organic business?
It makes me cringe to see how many chemicals we use on a daily basis. It makes me wonder how many maladies & diseases may be caused by what we use, what we breathe & what we eat. If I can help change the tide of unhealthy living with some Blue Bottle Love, I think that's a great goal!

My family:
Chad – fabulously supportive husband, great dad
Lisa(me) – Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Hockey mom, Traveler, Ukrainian-Canadian heritage
Ashley – daughter, great mom to our 2 grandchildren
Simeon – son, handsome, kindhearted
Olyn – son, bright, great cook
Pets - Koda, Sparkles, Slavko and Smeagol

I'd love to hear about what brought you to my page!


Twitter: OrganicMcD

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