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Hi, I'm Kim and I'm a Leader here with NYROrganic.

I've been a consultant, leader, trainer and speaker in the direct sales industry for over 19 years.

My why for switching to Organic:
Did you know that the skin is the largest human organ? Every time we cover ourselves with lotions, take hot showers and as we put on our deodorants and perfumes, we may be opening ourselves up to potentially harmful chemicals, parabens and cancer causing carcinogens. Second hand smoke isn't the only toxin harmful to our lungs. Avoiding synthetic chemicals is crucial to our health.
Personal care products don't just wear off, they wear "IN".
At NYR, we formulate our own products, we grow our own organic ingredients when possible, CERTIFIED Organic by the Soil Association, an independent entity, and we carry MADESAFE certified products.
When you're looking for quality, look for sustainable, certified organic skincare, essential oils & aromatherapy.

Whether you are looking for a discount on your own personal, organic skincare, aromatherapy and wellness products or your looking for a new career while advocating for a safer lifestyle, at NYROrganic, you'll receive a
Free personal website, direct deposit, discounted products and specials,
Incentives, Bonuses and Much More.
Ask me now! Join us in the Buy Blue, Go Green Revolution TODAY!

<3 Kim



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