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Welcome to NYR Organic! My name is Janette Stoll and I am so blessed to live in South Orange County, CA. I'm a busy mom of two wonderful teens and they keep me very busy.

I was introduced to NYR Organic a few years ago but I was a top leader for another direct sales company and the timing was not right but have always loved their products in the iconic blue bottles.

Fast forward to late last year when the company offered a special "kit" price, it was too generous to pass up. And the timing was right to finally join the company.

Initially, I only wanted the consultant 25% discount, so I can buy all the products I love and save money. At the time, I had little interest to do the business, but with this flexibility, it was perfect to be a discount shopper. You also get a free website too. There's no monthly sales requirements and no pressure to be a business builder. It's the most flexible business opportunities I've ever experienced.

Since then, I've fallen in love with the company's business philosophies, high quality products, and I'm so thrilled to be one of the few but growing number of consultants in California!

If you're interested in trying some samples, please contact me and I will get them to you right away.

Have fun looking around on my website!

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