Joanie Dain

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Welcome to Neal's Yard Remedies Organic! I am a literacy teacher that is committed to educating others. I love to share my knowledge and passion about this award-winning, organic health company. It is progressive and proactive in its mission to provide the best, high-quality organic beauty and health products on the market. You can't find a better company. NYR Organic receives the highest ratings in ethics and is certified by the Soil Association. (a very difficult certification to receive!) I'm thrilled to announce my recent promotion as the 1st Group Leader in Oswego, NY! Try our products: You'll love them and never go back to anything you used before. Let me know if you have any questions as you browse my webpage! I can send you samples of our products. P.S. I'd love to have you join my growing team! We are venturing into exciting territory!

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