Heather Kite

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Thank you for stopping by my website! I would love to hear from you! Please contact me for a skincare or aromatherapy consultation or help on your health and wellness journey! I started learning about organic when I found out I had a pea in the pod over ten years ago! Since then, I have been trying to go more organic each day and over the years my pea has sprouted and encouraged me to embark on a wellness journey and share my passion for and knowledge of holistic health with others! I would love to help you however you see fit!

Did you know that being organic could go beyond food? Your skin is your largest organ and NYR is the perfect way to treat it! NYR is company you will fall in love with all over - family-owned, award-winning, ethical, cruelty-free, and dedicated to helping people, animals and the planet, to name just a few things that make us proud.

Please contact me to find out more about the different ways you can love NYR too - whether it's a spa night with your best friends, the perfect product, or an extra income. My passion for helping others has propelled me to Group Leader in New York City! I'd love to help you too! I am so grateful for the amazing connections and wealth of information that NYR has brought to me that make a difference in my life every day, I'd be so glad to make more connections by hearing from you!

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