Cynthia Preston

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I am overjoyed to have found NYR Organic because there is nothing more important than our health.
I know you will feel the joy with every product and every use because they are crafted with care and love for you.
My journey with NYR Organic began when I faced the hardest experience any mother can face. I lost my beloved and amazing 19 year old son to suicide and it changed all our lives. I believe our health and alignment with our Earth are everything. I find so much nurturing from this work and from these products and I want to share that with everyone! A portion of all my sales go to Suicide Prevention and Health Programs.
You can find out more about my work to stop suicide at
Please let me know if you need help placing an order or if you have questions about the products. Reach out to me if you'd like to develop your own business as a consultant or as a personal shopper and receive a 25% discount.
Thank you for reading. Go tell someone you love them today!!!


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