Festive Essential Oil Trio

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  • Create a festive and joyful atmosphere with this combination of relaxing Frankincense, spicy Clove, and warming Mandarin.

    Frankincense Organic Essential Oil 0.34fl.oz

    This therapeutic Boswellia sacra (frankincense) resin oil has a deeply relaxing aroma and is 100% organic. Today, in aromatherapy, this sweet and woody aromatic oil is often used to promote a state of relaxation, helping to encourage slower and deeper breathing when inhaled. Fresh and uplifting, it’s ideal to use during meditation and mindfulness practices to enhance your wellbeing.  

    • Key benefit: Relaxing
    • Latin name: Boswellia sacra
    • Country of origin: Oman
    • Blends beautifully with: lemon, chamomile roman and grapefruit
    • Distilled from the resin

    Clove Essential Oil 0.34fl.oz
    Warming and stimulating, this oil is distilled from the claw and the bud of the clove. With naturally cleansing properties, it’s especially effective if you want to fragrance or disinfect your home.

    • Key benefit: Cleansing
    • Latin name: Eugenia caryophyllata
    • Country of origin: Madagascar
    • Blends beautifully with: eucalyptus, orange and thyme

    Mandarin Essential Oil 0.34fl.oz

    This warming oil has a fruity scent, soothing qualities and is expressed from the rind of the fruit. Deeply restful, it’s calming for your emotions and and is a firm favourite to help soothe children.

    • Key benefit: Relaxing
    • Latin name: Citrus nobilis
    • Country of origin: Brazil
    • Blends beautifully with: rose, lavender and chamomile
    • Suitable for children over 2 years old