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Eireann's path to wellness:
At the age of 10 I watched my grandmother make pie crusts. One of the ingredients, lard, did not soften like butter when left out. My curiosity led me to discover that lard was made from beef fat, & had a negative impact on one's health. So I began to read ingredients on all food products & also eliminated red meat from my diet.

Around that same time I began to compete in team sports, & supported the local professional teams. I loved the camaraderie & playing to the best of one's abilities.

I have participated in many 10k runs, softball, disc golf, & at 49 I completed my first (& only) marathon.

I have a degree in Community Health, a Professional Certificate in Wellness, Health Promotion, & an Esthetics diploma. I have been an esthetician over 19 years. Reading ingredients in skincare product became just as important for me.

I'm passionate about combining wellness in a team camaraderie system. My Radiant skin program will be informative, rewarding & fun

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